Sandstone Paving

Despite the many millennial designs in the construction industry that aim at making our compounds beautiful, sandstone paving still has its stand in the marketing. It is still enjoying a soft spot among many homeowners in Australia. Surprisingly, it is gaining popularity in many Australian homes. Of course, this is because of their natural beauty.

Currently, there are hundreds of options in the market that a homeowner can consider, but none can be compared to the capability and beauty of these sandstones. Beautifully, these sandstones are quite accessible and can be found in most places of the earth, including Australia. But why do people love these rocks?

Well, in this article, you are going to learn some of the reasons why many homeowners in Australia and across the globe are using sandstones to do their paving. So let’s jump in and get started on this journey.


Reasons for the Popularity of Sandstone Paving

1. They are durable

Every homeowner wants something that will be durable and long-lasting. They are always on the look for something that will give them service for long without replacing. You will be surprised to know that these natural sandstones are more durable than most of the man-made stones.

That does not mean that it is harder than marbles. But it has the capacity of lasting for some decades before they start to crack or get destroyed. Because they are not that hard, it becomes easy for the user to curve them into their preferable shapes which makes the compound look awesome.

2. They are environmentally friendly

With the increased rate of environmental pollution going on across the globe, the need for environmentally friendly materials is increasing. That’s why some materials like sandstones are becoming the choice of many people. As compared to the paving materials got from quarrying, which essentially destroys the environment, sandstones are bringing rescue to the environment. Another awesome trait about these stones is that they can be reused.

3. They come in diverse colours

Who wants to have some dull colours in their compound? That’s why many are preferring sandstone paving because of their diverse shades. They come in various colours like beige, gold, dark brown, and red. All these will result in a beautiful compound and increase the value of your home.

4. They are quite affordable

Let’s take the example of marble. If a homeowner is planning to use marbles to do the paving in their compound, they will have to empty their pockets. Generally, marbles are expensive and may not be affordable compared to sandstones. That should tell you that you can have that attractive and well-built compound without blowing up your budget.

5. They are slip-resistant

We all know how dangerous it becomes walking on tiles and other smooth surfaces and paths when it is wet. Now you don’t have to avoid the pavements when it is wet or rainy. You have these sandstones that are non-slip, making them ideal for all-weather. So no more worries when it gets wet.

6. They can be replaced easily

In case one sandstone is damaged, you can easily replace it without destroying the rest of the stones. Of course, everything has their weary time, and after some decades, the sandstone pavings will get destroyed. You don’t have to be a professional to do the replacement. Besides, you don’t have to struggle to find the matching colours and tones, because they can be paved without any matching.