Buying the Right Caravan Annexes

Purchasing a caravan annex is often the decision caravan owners face. However, they are inevitably confused when confronted with caravan annexes for sale. Setting up the annexes after the purchase is another confusing issue for caravan owners as well.

The wide range of available caravan annexes for sale often makes the choice difficult. Yet, knowing what you want and need ultimately leads you to make the right choice even when faced with multiple caravan annexes for sale.

Caravanning adventures can become as comfortable as your home when the caravan living space is extended by an annex. Attaching an annex to an RV, caravan, or motorhome instantly creates an extended living area.

The choice is often between an awning and a caravan annex for the caravan. Awnings can work for some but may not work for all. When the final choice is for an annex, the choice of material is the next step.

  • Vinyl material for an annex can look attractive. However, the attraction ends when the merciless beating of the sun quickly heats up the material. Things could go south quickly when the annex does not serve its purpose which is to protect you from the heat of the sun. The lighter weight of the vinyl, however, offers ease and convenience for road trips.
  • Canvas is good when it comes to the breathability of the material. However, the heavier weight of canvas makes it an impractical material to use on the go.
  • The Shade is another material available for annexes. This material is probably the best option for the protection it provides from weather elements. It is a breathable material that allows the breeze to come in while keeping the harmful rays of the sun at bay. Rain and moisture are kept out by the material during wet days on the road.

Choosing the annex material depends on the function and the preference of caravan owners. Combining vinyl and canvas offers a simple but perfect solution. For instance, the top half of the annex’s walls can be made of canvas with the bottom -half of vinyl. The easy maintenance and the toughness of vinyl will serve as great protection against the elements. The annex stays cool as well with the canvas material used on the top half of the walls.


The Choice of Annex Layout and Colour


Layout and colour is another thing that caravan owners also consider. Striped or plain materials are the available choices for caravan annexes. However, the price of the annex is hugely impacted, not by colour, but by the layout.

The number of windows and doors comprises the annex layout. Extra rooms and a porch area is another thing to consider with annex layouts.

Experts highly recommend flared walls in the choice of an annex layout. This is because better protection from varied weather elements is provided by flared walls. Zips are also a highly recommended feature in the choice of awnings. The annex is easily assembled with the help of zips.


Optimising available space while on the go is the top benefit provided by a caravan annex. Having it customised to your need and preference is always possible with Kakadu caravan annexes for sale. A tailor-made caravan annex not only provides you the privacy and protection while travelling, but it can also reflect your unique taste and preference.