All you need to know about a Custom Marquee

Driving sales productively and engagingly is achieved with the display of services and products offered by your business. A sales process involving product demos and personal interaction is always seen as the best method. But, did you know that using a custom marquee enhances all your sales processes?

However, an informed decision has to be made when it comes to choosing the best custom marquee. Choosing good quality is as important as the price.

Is it smart to invest in a custom marquee?


Would it be smart to invest in a custom marquee to showcase your brand or products on trade shows? If it is, what are the advantages offered by a custom marquee to make it a smart investment?

  • Custom marquees are versatile products that can be easily assembled and dismantled. Two people can easily set up a marquee in a minute or two.
  • A custom marquee can be customised to display your chosen prints on walls, poles, panels, roofs, or zippered doors. It can also be tailor-made to match the theme of any outdoor activity.
  • The wide array of colours, designs, graphics, and images available with custom marquees provides your business with the image or message it wants to put across varied audiences.
  • Investing in a custom marquee is smart with its outstanding features such as durability, reusability, and flexibility.

Printing methods available with custom marquees


Quality is the top priority to consider when it comes to the choice of printing methods applied to your custom marquee. Going for quality may set you back a bit but reusing it, again and again, provides great ROI.

The top printing methods to apply in your custom marquee include:


Digital printing

The latest printing technology applied to custom marquees today is digital printing. Choosing this technology frees you from paying for each chosen colour. This means that you achieve a customised look to your marquee using a variety of printed photos, designs, and colours. All you need to do is to provide a custom marquee provider with a specific high-resolution photo or design.


Screen printing

The screen printing process applied to a custom marquee is best used for single colour designs and logos. The marquee’s roof space becomes a great promotional space to highlight the screen printing of the logo or brand of your business.


Custom marquee areas to apply the chosen printing method

Full walls

A fully-printed marquee wall is a literal eye-catcher in all indoor and outdoor events. Displaying your brand or products prominently on full walls of the marquee easily achieves recall for guests and visitors.

Full digital printing

Covering the entire marquee with digital printing is the quickest way of increasing the visibility of your products or brand. Opting for full-colour digital printing can easily make your business stand out from the rest of the competition.

Overhangs and roof

A custom marquee gives you the option to go all hog or use a little printing. The marquee’s overhangs and roofs are great areas to promote your business or brand.


Make your one-time, big-time investment count by opting for a custom marquee. Custom marquees by Outdoor Instant Shelters are today’s top marketing tool when it comes to both indoor and outdoor trade shows, sports events, sale festivals, and more.