Air conditioning services

An air conditioner is an essential commodity for the home. The kind of AC installed in your home does not matter, be it a window or split AC; it does the work of filtering air in your house. This emphasises the need to service it regularly.

Servicing your air conditioning unit helps you tackle issues like water leakage, little noises from the AC and lots more. Fixing your air conditioning involves maintenance and servicing of your unit to ensure it is problem-free and functioning correctly.

What other services are included in air conditioning repair?

Air condition cleaning and checkup

In servicing your air conditioning unit, the first step is thorough checks to note where there are leaks or water droplets in the AC unit. An air conditioning service technician must conduct routine inspections and locate leakages from pipes or tubes in the air conditioner. In the process, the technician removes dirt and debris in the system, drains it off and cleans the AC unit to improve its performance capacity.

Fin and air filter cleaning

Usually, air conditioners collect a significant amount of dust and dirt during its operation. When it undergoes air conditioning repair services, the dust particles and dirt are eliminated and cleaned thoroughly to forestall other issues like ice formation or inadequate cooling by the AC unit. It is also essential to clean the fin of the AC unit and wash it off to get rid of dust and mould accumulation.

Cleaning the AC evaporator and condenser fan

During AC repair services, dust and mould are cleaned from the condenser, as well as the evaporator fan. The fan is situated in various locations both in split units and window air conditioners. For split AC, it can be found in the outdoor/external unit.

Coolant level check

The repair technician will carry out a check on the AC unit’s cooling level. In a situation where the coolant level is low, your AC will stop functioning. This happens because the cooling coil temperature of the AC unit drops below normalcy, affecting its cooling ability.

AC evaporator and condenser coil cleaning

Accumulation of dust and debris in your AC system can result in overheating of the system. While carrying out an air conditioning service repair, your evaporator and condenser coil will be cleaned thoroughly. Besides, other vital components will also be cleaned to avoid potential damage to the system.

Overall inspection

After other repairs and cleaning are carried out on the AC unit, an overall inspection of the system is done. Major components of the AC unit like compressor, fan motor, thermostat, condenser unit, evaporator unit and others are scrutinised to check for defects.

Some necessary inspection to carry out on your Air Conditioning Service include:

  1. Inspection of air conditioning motor, fan blades and test amperage
  2. Ascertain the refrigerant level of the Air Conditioner
  3. Ensure to charge your Air Conditioning system when necessary
  4. Review of Air Condition wiring
  5. Cleaning of the AC evaporator and condenser coils to eliminate dirt
  6. Flushing of AC condenser drain
  7. Cleaning and adjustment of AC blower components
  8. Detection of Freon(refrigerant) leak and repair of such
  9. Inspection of AC capacitors

Performing air conditioning services on your AC unit helps in early detection of AC faults and problems and guaranteeing proper functioning and performance of all components of your AC. This, therefore, stresses the importance of regular servicing of your AC unit for adequate optimisation.

When should you replace your central air conditioner?

It is recommended to perform a routine air conditioning servicing on your unit at least four times a year. If your AC unit’s efficiency level is lesser than usual, consult a repair technician. Such adjustments can be made to your budget to ensure proper functioning and airing of your living space.